5 Effects of Mobile Phones on Teenagers

The use of mobile phones by teens is rapidly increasing these days. We buy phones for our teens for security purposes or even as their birthday gifts. These days it is possible to find teens standing together but not talking to each other. These are just due to the powerful influence of mobile phones that the teens use to do a variety of things. Below are the effects of the use of mobile phones by teens.

1.  Teen tendons

Mobile phone creates an addiction to texting to their fellow teens. Excess messaging can make one development of teen tendonitis. This, in turn, leads to the development of back pains and pain in the hands due to poor posture. The can then have arthritis and even visual impairment at a later stage in their lives

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2.  Stress

Teens will spend a lot of time on phones texting instead of doing something constructive. Different studies have shown that those teens who spent a lot of time texting are more prone to the development of stress.

3.  Sleepless nights

Teens spend a lot of time texting at night texting instead of sleeping. The worst thing is that they keep their phones close to them so as to respond to texts and calls throughout the night.

4.  Accidents

Teens are often seen responding to calls and texts while crossing roads and driving more than the adult. With texting, anxiety takes over, constant texting and calling can bring joy and elation. When one fails to respond well or in time they may get hungry which can easily cause accidents that can cost their lives.

5.  Risk of cancer

The tissues of teens are not well developed or matured well. The electromagnetic radiations emitted when the teens are using the phones for longer times. The nervous system of teens has a greater risk of contracting brain cancer.